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  Bug Report Template
Posted by: Kruel - 01-13-2019, 05:00 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

 Please use the following template for your suggestions.

Your Warcraft III Username: 

The bug you are reporting:

How does this affect game play?

Replay Link:

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  Appeal Template
Posted by: Kruel - 10-05-2018, 11:29 PM - Forum: Punishment Appeal - No Replies

Please use the template below to appeal your punishment.

Why did you get punished?:


Links or  vidence:

Why should your punishment be lifted?:

What do your bring to our community?:

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  Suggestion Template
Posted by: Kruel - 10-05-2018, 03:18 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

 Please use the following template for your suggestions.

Your Warcraft III Username: 

Human Suggestions:

How will this effect humans?:

Zombie Suggestions:

How will this effect Zombies?:

Other Suggestions:

Why do you think we should add this?

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  Template for reporting
Posted by: Kruel - 10-05-2018, 03:11 PM - Forum: Report a Player. - No Replies

Use this template when reporting. Make sure to read and double check the player is breaking said rules.

Replay Link: 

Game Name: 

Your Warcraft III Username: 

Violator's Warcraft III Username: 

Time of Violation (in-game or replay): 

Why do you think this player should be punished:

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  Eras Community Blacklisted Player List.
Posted by: Kruel - 10-05-2018, 02:53 PM - Forum: Black Listed Players - No Replies

Current List of Blacklisted Players.

WC3#4235 WC3
Abusing staff permissions, Mass Deletion/Ban in discord of players, Mass Trolling, Lying to Staff, And Attempting to destroy communities. 

Needless drama, potentially a WC3 alt.

Another confirmed WC3 alt.

Nuking allies without any reason.

Mass Trolling, Stalking, Impersonation, and Mass Team Killing.

tie, tIe, decade, and lordshadowfall
Mass Trolling, and Mass Team Killing.

Troll. Will wait for last human base and nuke them.

Troll. Nukes allies for no reason

Saved Game

Trolling on multiple game servers.

Team killing for no reason along with blatant trolling

Oper Alt
Killing allies early game in attempt to ruin and troll

Abusing Host Commands.

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Posted by: Kruel - 08-25-2018, 10:52 PM - Forum: Updates and Announcements - No Replies

These rules apply to the Eras Community, Discord, Forums, and in game.

Staff Rules:

- Never use the powers afforded to you as a staff member to gain any advantage be that monetary or otherwise for yourself, your friends, or associates.
- Staff are not above players can and will be removed possibly banned from the community.
- Remember to always be professional in chat.
- Staff that have any relationship with a member are not allowed to review said members punishment or appeal.
- Staff are not allowed to remove, change, or permanently punish other staff without multiple staff decision.

Player Rules:

- Harassment of others will not be tolerated.
- Respect every one in the community.
- Treat staff with respect and do not waste their time and never ask staff to abuse their power for any reason. 
- You may not impersonate staff.
- Do not spam of any kind.
- Do not use alternate accounts or in game mechanics to avoid punishment.
- No trolling is allowed, will be decided by staff how trolling is defined.
- We are a English speaking community. We suspect you to also speak English in public chats.
- If you have a problem with another member direct message them do not put it in chat. You may also contact staff.
- Do not make threats against members irl. Harassment of other players will not be tolerated.
- Keep swearing reasonable. An occasional swear word is fine, a flood is not.
- No NSFW content of any kind.
- Posting links for your own benefit is not allowed.
- Do not backseat moderate report the player to real staff.
- Do not stalk staff. They are people just like you.
- Do not exploit any found bugs. Report them instead.
- Report any suspicious behaviour.
- Be nice to newer members. Attempt to help them learn if possible.
- Team killing is allowed to a certain extent. Staff will make a decision if this is trolling or team killing on a case to case basis.
- Host are not allowed to kick, ban, or punish members for their own advantage.
- All tree forts in game must have one entrance that units may enter including zombies to target walls to break into.
- During Civil War and VS AI This is allowed but only with the exception of being able to be targetable by Artillery and Tank units.
- Host should only directly kick players when said abuser is breaking any of these rules. Any other sort of kick should be voted only.
- Team Killing is only allowed when the nation is not a border country and does not affect the zombies winning or losing. Must have a roleplay reason.
- Killing of lumberjacks is allowed if they are not replying to you and refuse to stop cutting your borders.
- Unit targeting allied nations units is not allowed at any given time unless they are blocking you from walling, killing tree lines, and plotting to kill you.

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